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Black Friday Sales

We are taking part in Black Friday for the very first time. Save 10% off all products on our website for one day only. To receive the discount, simply enter the code: "BLACKFRIDAY" when prompted to do so during the checkout process.

If you are struggling to decide we have put together a short list of our favourite products to help keep you relaxed and warm:

1. Venice Inspired Designer Cushion with Integrated 2 litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle - Save £4.49
2. 0.8 litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle with Owl Cover (rubberless) Save £1.79
3. Lilac Soothing Neck Warmer - Save £1.79
4. 1.8 Litre Hot Water Bottle with Grey Luxury Faux Fur Cover (rubberless) - Save £1.99
5. 0.8 litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle with Pug Cover (rubberless) - Save £1.79
November 25, 2016 by Elizabeth Paget