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Remedies for a bad night's sleep

Our modern way of life and recent economic challenges have led to higher levels of stress, anxiety and sleeping difficulties in the general population. It is a well-known fact that long term stress and sleeping difficulties can have adverse consequences on an individual’s health. Although heat products cannot target the root causes of the stress and sleeping difficulties, they can be very effective as forms of mitigation. It is worthwhile mentioning at this point that if problems persist for a significant period of time then you would be best advised to seek medical advice.

The impact of stress and anxieties along with difficulties in sleeping can be reduced using heat products. The science behind this is quite simple: heat helps you to relax. It does this by stimulating blood flow and improving circulation around the body.  Furthermore, heat also has the effect of making one more comfortable in his/her surroundings. Have you ever tried to fall asleep in a cold room? Heat products can also be used to warm up your bed before you get in.

Generally a single hot water bottle or microwave body warmer should be sufficient in stimulating blood circulation however it may also be important to stimulate blood flow in specific parts of the body. For instance, feet warmers and microwave slippers are a great way of warming up your feet and hence improving the circulation in the lower part of your body.  A recent study by some Swiss scientists has shown that it is very difficult to have a good night’s sleep with cold feet.

The ingredient, essential oils (such as vanilla, lavender and rosemary ), which can be found in most of our microwave products and some of our hot water bottles, are arguably able to help fight against stress and sleeping difficulties.  As these oils are warmed, they diffuse through the air and are supposed to help you to relax.

It is important that if you feel any pains or discomfort as a result of using any of our products then stop using the product immediately. Remember if you are using a heat pack that it should be warm but not too hot. It may be necessary to wrap a towel or small blanket around the product. Never let your skin come in direct contact with ice for any significant amount of time as this can cause cold burn. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or cold therapies.