1.6 Litre Eco Fashy Hot Water Bottle with Pink Cuddly Fleece Cover


Key Features & Benefits

  • 1.6 litre eco hot water bottle with recycled pink cuddly fleece cover
  • Inner bottle made from renewable sugar cane, making the hot water bottle both odourless and rubber free
  • Eco friendly and recyclable
  • Jointless neck to prevent leakages
  • Large aperture for safer filling
  • Meets relevant safety standards


    This 1.6 litre hot water bottle comes with a cuddly fleece pink cover. The Fashy bio based hot water bottle is made from renewable sugar cane and free of plasticisers. The innovative material Bio-PE is also 100% recyclable and thus conserves natural resources and incidentally also the rainforest! Thanks to its solid shape, this eco hot water bottle is particularly easy to fill. 

    The pink removable cover is made of soft fleece containing recycled polyester. The cover which is Oeko-Tex tested, is also certified to be clear of any harmful substances to ensure a pure and eco-friendly product. Fleece has always been a popular fabric as it's soft and warm to cuddle up to and moreover not only maintains heat but also evenly disperses heat that lasts for hours.

    Fashy hot water bottles are one of the safest hot water bottles available. Made from sugarcane, they are odourless and rubber free, making them suitable for those with a latex allergy. Their safety features include a jointless neck to prevent leakages and a large aperture for safe filling. The large aperture is standard across the entire Fashy range.

    Fashy hot water bottles are excellent at retaining their heat and are not prone to perishing like the more traditional rubber hot water bottles you can buy.

    This hot water bottle is perfect for a whole range of purposes throughout the year including treating back and abdominal pains, improving sleep or just for keeping warm.

    Other great product characteristics include being easy to clean, recyclable, Phthalate free and compliance with relevant safety standards. 

    Customer Reviews

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    June Maskall
    Christmas Gift

    This was a gift for my sister. She says it stays warm all night, is very good. I like it.

    So we are both pleased.