1.8 Litre Classic Half-Ribbed "Sanitized" Mint Blue With Hygiene Function Hot Water Bottle (rubberless)


Key Features

  • 1.8 litre rubberless hot water bottle now with the innovative Sanitized® hygiene function against bacteria and mould
  • Mint Blue colour
  • PVC free, odourless, washable and recyclable
  • Very practical and easy to use with XL retaining strap for safe filling
  • Meets relevant safety standards including BS 1970:2012


This 1.8 litre hot water bottle uses thermoplastic instead of rubber which has the advantage of making the product odourless and recyclable.

This classic rubberless hot water bottle is now equipped with the innovative Sanitized hygiene function which stops bacteria and mould due to the active ingredient zinc pyrithione. It should not be missing in any household!

This hot water bottle can make a great gift and is suitable for both adults and kids alike. It can be used for a whole range of purposes throughout the year including: treating back and abdominal pains, improving sleep or just for keeping warm.

This product is made in Germany by Hugo Frosch and meets BS 1970:2012 requirements. It has dimensions of approximately 33cm (length) x 20 cm (width) and 5cm (depth). Instructions are included.