2 Litre Long Sanger Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Blue and White Stripe Cotton Cover

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Key Features

  • 2 litre luxury long hot water bottle
  • Knitted blue and white stripe cotton cover
  • Luxury look and feel
  • Great gift and easy to use
  • Meets relevant safety standards including BS 1970:2012


Want your hot water bottle to reach those hard to reach aches and pains, or wrap around your neck or back with relative ease? Well look no further, this long hot water bottle is highly versatile and can be used for a whole host of purposes.

Long hot water bottles can be filled and used in pretty much the same way as any other bottle but have the advantage of being longer and so better able to heat more of your body at the same time and provide heat relief to hard to reach places such as your upper or lower back.

This hot water bottle comes with a 100% knitted cotton cover featuring an elegant blue and white stripe pattern. The inner hot water bottle is made from rubber.

This product is suitable for everyone and has approximate dimensions as follows: 77cm in Length and 11.5cm in Width.

The outer cover can be removed and cleaned as per pack instructions. It meets all relevant safety standards and has been manufactured in accordance to BS 1970:2012. This product is manufactured by Sanger and meets TUV, BS 1970:2012 and EN71 requirements.

The long hot water bottle comes packaged making it an ideal gift for your loved ones. Our gift wrapping service is also available.

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