Happy Girl with Gifts

Send the woman in your life something that will keep her warm and help her to relax. We have a great collection of products that would make great gifts for women which will not only bring a smile to her face but also make her forever grateful. Here are our 5 favourites.

1. Flamingo Print Scented Microwaveable Body Wrap

This soothing body wrap features a delightful exotic print of flamingos, pineapples and watermelons. The design will help her relax and think of far away places when the weather is cold and dark in the UK. This body wrap can be heated up in the microwave in under two minutes and can be used to keep warm, soothe aches and pains across her body and help her to relax. Flamingo Print Scented Microwave Neck Warmer

2. 1 Litre Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Blue and White Bavaria Cover (rubberless)

Show her your true feelings with this heart shaped hot water bottle with a Bavarian inspired cover which features a blue and white pattern with another heart its centre. The inner bottle is rubberless and so does not have the odour of a typical hot water bottle. The outer cover is soft and smooth, and is easy to clean as it is detachable.

Bavarian Inspired Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle

3. 1.8 litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle with Felt Merino Wool Owl Cover (rubberless)

For women who love a bit of luxury, this hot water bottle has a beautiful felt and merino wool cover which features an enchanting scene of three owls resting on a tree. Not only does it have a stunning design but it is also is very comfortable and soothing to touch and hold. 

Hot Water Bottle With Merino Wool Cover

4. 1.8 Litre Hot Water Bottle with Brown and Silver Luxury Faux Fur Cover (rubberless)

Another hot water bottle for a girl who loves a bit of luxury. With a silky smooth silver faux fur cover she soon could be cuddling it on the sofa instead of you. Also available in alternative colours and designs.

Silver Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

5. Cozy Plush Sheep Microwave Animal

A bit of an outsider in our gift guide but one that is definitely going to please her and bring an "aww". Simple to use, this sheep can be heated up in the microwave in less than two minutes, and keep her warm and relaxed for hours to come.

Cozy Plush Sheep Microwave Animal Toy

That brings an end to our gift guide which we hope features some great gift inspiration that will bring a smile to her face. Don't forget that all items can be gift wrapped leaving you with only one thing left to do - and that is give it to her.

December 12, 2017 — Elizabeth Paget