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Purpose of This Guide

Did you know your body loses a lot of warmth from your feet? If you don't keep them well-covered when the temperature drops, blood vessels in the extremities constrict as your body tries to keep its core temperature regulated.

In this essential guide, we walk you through the importance of keeping your feet warm and the products you need to do that.

Why Your Feet Are Cold

While having cold feet is normal during winter, for some people this is a problem all year long. It's typically due to bad circulation as warm blood can't get to the feet, making them feel chilly and sometimes painful. Lack of movement, advanced age, smoking, diabetes, chronic stress, or slow metabolism all contribute to poor circulation.

Why Warm Feet Are Important

Keeping your feet warm is incredibly important for your overall well-being.

Cold feet make it tricky to relax and fall asleep as your body is working hard to maintain a healthy core temperature. Keeping your feet warm allows the blood vessels to dilate, which stimulates blood flow and distributes heat to the rest of your body. This allows your body to relax and focus on rest and repair (1). Warm feet may also keep the rest of your body from catching a chill, reducing your susceptibility to opportunistic colds and flu.

Choosing the Right Product to Keep Your Feet Warm

Depending on your preferences and circumstances, there are several different products that can help to keep your feet warm. Here are the top foot warmers to help you improve circulation, feel cosy, and stay healthy without having to turn up the radiator.

Four Great Products To Keep Your Feet Warm


Slippers are functional footwear that keep your feet warm and cushioned. Designed to be extremely comfortable and flexible, slippers are lined with warm materials such as cotton, fleece, sherpa, or suede that insulate your feet in cold weather. 

However, slippers aren't only good for the winter months; they're also great for wearing on cold tiled floors or when at the pool, beach, or spa! They're easy to slip on quickly and can protect your floors and carpets, keep your feet and socks clean, and provide grip when walking around the house.

They come in a wide variety of styles, including:

  • Open back with a closed-toe
  • Closed-back
  • Slipper boots
  • Soft heeled slippers
  • Moccasin style
  • Flip-flop style
  • Slippers with arch and heel support
  • Hard soled slippers

When choosing a slipper size, stick to the same size as those of your regular shoes. Most of all, make sure the slippers you choose feel comfortable and warm!

Caring For Your Slippers: The material inside slippers often traps odours and dirt. You can avoid this by wearing them with socks, cleaning your feet before putting them on, and only using slippers indoors. However, they still need to be washed to ensure they remain in good condition. In general, we suggest placing them in a sink of cool water with some gentle detergent and letting them soak for several minutes. To remove excess dirt, gently rub the slippers together. Rinse them well, squeeze out the water, and let them air dry. You can also sprinkle some baking soda inside each slipper when you're not wearing them as this absorbs odours and keeps them smelling fresh. However, always check the care instructions on the label.

Microwaveable Foot Warmers

Microwavable foot warmers take warm feet to the next level. They're like heatable bean bags made especially for your feet! Lined with soft fabric, microwavable foot warmers are heated or heatable slippers that contain removable 'pouches' filled with dried rice, flaxseed, or wheat. When microwaved for a minute or two, the pouches (and your feet) stay toasty for up to one hour. Plus, many are infused with calming essential oils that are released when heated.

These footwarmers, sometimes referred to as foot warmer slippers, are not for walking around in; they're best to wear when relaxing on the couch at night or when you're in bed. Plus, the extra weight of the booties provides a soothing sensory experience that may help you relax.

Heating Your Microwave Boots and Slippers: Always check that your microwave is clean before placing the removable pouch in the centre of the plate and heating it for about 1-2 minutes. Open the microwave and leave for 30 seconds before removing it and checking if it's safe to pick up. Fit the hot pouches back into the microwave slippers or boots and enjoy!

Care Instructions: Remove the heating pouches and place the thermal slippers inside out in the washing machine with your other items. To keep the pouches clean, wipe them down with a damp sponge. Finally, when everything has air dried, replace the pouches and the booties will feel good as new! 

Night Socks

Did you know that keeping your feet warm in bed can help you sleep through a cold night? Research has found that wearing socks to bed helps you fall asleep faster, sleep for longer, and wake up less frequently (2). 

Night socks, also known as sleep socks, are loose-fitting, warm, and breathable. Wool, cotton, and cashmere are the most popular materials for night socks as they are uniquely suited to keeping your feet warm all night without becoming sweaty.

Care Instructions: If they're not washed frequently, night socks accumulate dirt and (sometimes) sweat. Luckily, they're easy to keep clean! Simply put the socks in the washing machine on a cool cycle with a gentle detergent. Avoid the tumble dryer as this may cause shrinkage. Instead, dry them in the sun and store them in a cool, dry drawer.

Slipper Socks

If you love the warmth and coverage of socks and the floor traction of slippers then slipper socks are fantastic options! Made of thick, cosy fabric, slipper socks are hybrid footwear that have small plastic grips on the bottom, preventing you from slipping on tile or wooden floors. They're designed to fit snugly around your feet, preventing cold air from getting to your skin. Slipper socks are super easy to pop on before snuggling on the couch, when letting the dog out in the night, or during a yoga class!

When choosing a size, you can go for a one-size-fits-all option or look for a pair that is indicated for your specific shoe size.

Care Instructions: Slipper socks need to be washed frequently to prevent bad smells! They can be thrown in the washing machine with your other clothes, but turn them inside out first. Let them air dry, and then keep them in a drawer to protect against dust and dampness. 

So There We Go...

These are our top tips to keep your feet warm and toasty. From microwave heated slippers and socks to microwaveable boots and slipper socks.

Please share this handy guide with others who struggle with cold feet and poor circulation. These 'hacks' could make a huge difference in their life!

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