Delivery and returns

What delivery options are available?

We offer a range of delivery services depending on how quickly you require your item. Our standard UK shipping takes 3-5 days and starts from £3.99 depending on weight. We have faster express options available including 1st Class and Next Day Delivery. For more information, please see our shipping policy.

Which countries can I order from?

We ship globally across all continents with prices starting from £14.99. For more information, please see our shipping policy.

What is the return policy?

We offer a transparent 28 days returns policy. For more information, please see our refund policy.

Hot water bottles

Where is the best place to buy hot water bottles? is the UK’s largest independent retailer of hot water bottles. We pride ourselves on offering a broad range of hot water bottles to suit all needs and budgets. All our suppliers have been carefully selected by our dedicated expert team who are trained to ensure that our hot water bottles are not only comfy, great-looking and practical but also meet the most stringent safety requirements. In addition to having a broad range of exceptional hot water bottles we also offer fast nationwide delivery as well as a no fuss 30 days returns policy.

Where can I buy hot water bottles near me?

If you prefer to purchase from a physical store locally, your local pharmacy or health store is likely to sell a limited range of hot water bottles. It is recommended that you check that any hot water bottle you purchase meets the appropriate safety standards such as the internationally recognised BS1970:2012 which should clearly marked on the body of the hot water bottle.

How do I open a hot water bottle safely?

The vast majority of hot water bottles have a rotating cap or stopper that can be screwed or unscrewed with relative ease. When opening a hot water bottle it is advisable to allow the hot water time to sufficiently cool, stand over and sink and make sure that the cap or stopper is facing upwards to prevent water pouring out at once.

How do I use a hot water bottle safely?

We have produced an easy to use short step-by-step guide including video on how to fill and use a hot water bottle safely.

Can you put boiling water in a hot water bottle?

Although made to strict safety standards, hot water bottles need to be used with great care and caution. You must not pour boiling water directly into a hot water bottle as it may cause burns to your skin as well as damage to the seams of the bottle which can increase risk of future leaks and burns. We recommend using boiled water which has been allowed to cool down to a safe temperature.

How long does a hot water bottle stay hot for?

The time a hot water bottle stays warm for depends on various factors such as material, shape, size and whether a cover or blanket is used. That said we typically see hot water bottles emitting heat for anywhere up to around 5-6 hours with thermoplastic bottles with covers or blankets lasting the longest.

How long can a hot water bottle last for?

If properly used and looked after, there is no reason why your hot water bottle cannot be used safety for many years. That said, as a rule of thumb and for safety reasons, we recommend replacing your hot water bottle every two years as the bottle may gradually develop imperfections over time increasing the risk or leaks and bursts.

Are hot water bottles safe to use?

There are two quick checks that you should make to ensure that a hot water bottle is safe to use before you use it for the first time. Firstly, ensure that the body of the hot water bottle contains mark of the relevant safety standard (BS1970:2012) on its body to prove that it was manufactured to strict standards. Secondly, check for any obvious signs of damage such as tears as this could lead to burns when pouring handling hot water.

Are hot water bottles bad for you?

Hot water bottles can provide a lot of benefits if used correctly and safely. Hot water bottles cannot only keep you warm, but can also improve your sleep as well as help you relax, unwind and reduce stress. Hot water bottles are also used frequently for both hot and cold therapies to ease aches and pains including arthritis, sports injuries, digestive issues and period pain.

Microwave body warmers

How do I heat up a microwave body warmer safely?

Similar to hot water bottles it is important to apply caution when heating up your microwave body warmer due to risk of scalding and burns. We have produced an easy to use short step by step including video on how to use your microwave body warmer safely.

How long does it take to heat up a microwave body warmer?

As a rule of thumb most microwave body warmers can be heated for around 2 minutes for long lasting heat. However it is important that you read the instructions before heating as they may vary from product to product.