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Purpose of this Guide

A throw blanket is a perfect addition to your bed or couch to keep you and your family snug! Plus, they're a cost-effective way to add some flair and style to your home.

This guide will help you with the often daunting task of choosing the perfect bed throw blanket for your needs. Whether you plan to use it for practical or decorative purposes, several things need considering when you invest in a bed throw blanket. In this guide, we'll cover the different materials, choosing the right size and style, and how to care for a bed throw blanket. Here’s everything you need to know when shopping for a bed throw blanket!

What Is a Bed Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a single-layered, multipurpose blanket that's lightweight, warm, and versatile. They’re great blankets for pulling over when reading a book on the couch or when you need extra warmth in bed at night.

A good throw is soft and cosy and brings colour and interest to the room. It can be used as a decor item throughout your home, including bedrooms, lounge, office, window seat, outdoor seating area, and more!

When to Use a Bed Throw vs. Other Types of Blankets

A bed throw blanket serves the same purpose as any other blanket: it keeps you warm and cosy! However, throws are more lightweight compared to other types of bedding such as comforters, duvets, and quilts, which are heavier and layered. They’re perfect for using all year round! Throw blankets also typically have smaller dimensions than other blankets, making them easier to place over your lap, shoulders, or on top of your duvet. It offers something extra and is not intended to replace the regular blanket that covers your bed.

If you struggle with insomnia, a throw may be exactly what you need to bring comfort and help you fall asleep with extra warmth. They're great to take with you on a road trip or when camping due to their compactness.

Throw blankets also act as style pieces and decorative items in the home thanks to their many different sizes, colours, and textures. They're typically scattered over the back of the couch for a casual look, folded neatly over the sofa, hence the name sofa throw, or draped across the foot of the bed. They may have knitted elements or a fringe to give the room a textured, luxurious feel. In addition, a throw offers a stylish way to cover and protect your bed and lounge furniture from pets and messy kids. This is what sets a throw blanket apart from the rest!

Choosing the Right Size

While duvets and other blankets come in twin, double, queen, and king sizes, a throw blanket is typically big enough for one person to enjoy comfortably. However, some manufacturers offer a range of sizes to give you more freedom and meet your specific needs. This makes it easy to pair with any piece of furniture in your home for extra flare!

When choosing a throw, you need to be clear on how you plan to use it to get an idea of the correct size. Do you want a throw to fold over the end of the bed? Is it going to be draped over the couch? Should it only be big enough to wrap around your shoulders or do you want full-body coverage?

If you plan to get a throw for your bedroom or guest room, check the size of the bed before shopping for a throw. Keep in mind; you want to choose a slightly smaller size than your regular duvet so it doesn't take over the whole bed. After all, throws should stand out!

Bed Throw Size Guide

Understanding the following typical dimensions can help you avoid an error when buying a throw.

  • Small bed throws (single bed and small sofas)
    • 220cm x 130cm
    • 210cm x 130cm
    • 200cm x 130cm
    • 190cm x 130cm
    • 180cm x 130cm
  • Large bed throws (double beds and large sofas)
    • 220cm x 180cm
    • 210cm x 180cm
    • 200cm x 180cm
    • 200cm x 150cm
  • Super king size throws (Super king size beds)
    • 280cm x 220cm
    • 270cm x 220cm
    • 260cm x 200cm

Choosing the Right Material

There are several throw materials to choose from, depending on if you want to focus on style, function, or both. Here are some of the most popular and best bed throw materials:

Wool Bed Throw Blanket: This is a heavy, warm material that's perfect for the winter months. Wool has a bulky feel but is also a breathable material.

Alpaca Bed Throw Blanket: This is a lightweight, durable and soft material that's perfect for the keeping you warm. Gives a luxury look and feel.

Cotton Bed Throw Blanket: Cotton is a natural material that’s used to make a soft, comfortable fabric. It's an affordable, versatile, breathable fabric that can make lightweight or heavier throw blankets, depending on the season. However, it is worth noting that cotton is may not be insulating enough for those in very cold climates. On the plus side, cotton has strong fibres that can endure multiple washes, making it a good choice for kids as well as for outdoor use.

Synthetic Materials: Synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester are inexpensive, warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. They're easy to clean and are durable. Wool and cotton are often blended with synthetics to make throw blankets that are warm and versatile.

Fleece Bed Throw Blanket: Fleece is an example of a synthetic material that's warm, lightweight, and easy to wash. Made from polyester or acrylic fibres, it's popular among those with wool allergies. Fleece has a fluffy texture and insulating properties that make it a favourite.

Cashmere Bed Throw Blankets: Cashmere is a soft, silky fabric that gives your home a luxurious look. Made from the wool of Cashmere goats, this fabric is lightweight, warm, and soft, albeit expensive. It's perfect for insulating against the cold air during winter!

Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket: Faux fur is a cruelty-free fabric that makes for a thick, warm, fluffy throw. It's great for adding a sense of style and opulence to your home.

Five Best Materials For Bed Throws

Choosing the Right Throw Design

Throw blankets are popular interior design pieces that come in an abundance of colours, patterns, and textures. Each throw offers a simple way to spice up your home decor without making a big commitment!

It's important to pay attention to the look and feel of your home environment when choosing a throw. Do you want something that blends in with your furniture or do you want to add a pop of colour? Are you creating a minimalist look or are you interested in a bolder, patterned throw? Do you want the throw to blend in or stand out?

Make sure to coordinate your throw blankets with other elements, such as your bedding, pillows, couch, curtains, and carpets. However, don't be afraid to add different textures and patterns for some interest.

Looking After Your Throw Blanket

Bed throws are often neglected compared to other types of linen. Just like clothing and bedding, throw blankets are vulnerable to stains, dust, smoke, and dirt — especially if you have pets or use throws outside on your patio. However, they can last a long time, provided you care for them properly!

A throw blanket only needs to be washed every few weeks or months, depending on the material. It's recommended you wash it on a cold wash cycle using a small amount of gentle detergent. If you need to treat a stain, use a spot treatment and let it sit for 10 minutes before running the blanket through a cold water wash. Let the throw air-dry out of direct sunlight to avoid wear and tear or fading. In between washes, regularly shake out the blanket to remove dirt. It will look and feel soft and clean in no time!

Note: Avoid washing a throw blanket with other items and don't use bleach or fabric softeners to preserve the fabric. Some blankets are dry clean only, so make sure you check the label for care directions.

Finally, when throw blankets aren't in use, it's a good idea to store them to protect against dust and pests. You can fold them up and keep them in a basket or ottoman – this adds another functional yet stylish piece to your home. You may also want to use an airtight, plastic container and keep it in a cupboard.

So There We Go…

And that's everything you need to consider when buying throws as gifts or for yourself!

In summary, a throw blanket is a stylish and comfortable lightweight blanket that comes in a wide range of materials, sizes, colours, and styles. These functional blankets can add an extra layer of warmth to your bed, keep you cosy on the couch, or warm you up when sitting outside on the patio. Luxury bed throws are also decorative items, adding colour, style, and interest to the bedroom, lounge, office, and outdoor areas.

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