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Hot Water Bottles


Sunbeds on a beach

Can Heat Therapy Help You?

Do you ever suffer from muscle pains, stiff joints or migraines and headaches?  If so, heat therapy (which is also sometimes referred to as thermotherapy) may be an effective and affordable solution for you. Heat therapy relates to the use of heat for therapeutic purposes such as relieving pain and discomfort.
February 19, 2018 by Elizabeth Paget
Kids Dressing Warm in Cold Weather

5 ways to look after your kids in cold weather

As the weather plummets in the final few months of the year it is important to ensure that your kids or any other kids under your supervision are well looked after. This does not mean that you cannot let them out to play in the snow – far from it – it is instead more about ensuring that the necessary preventative measures have been taken to mitigate the risks of cold weather. These risks are particularly pertinent for young children and the elderly.
December 19, 2017 by Elizabeth Paget
Happy Girl with Gifts

5 great gifts for her

Send the woman in your life something that will keep her warm and help her to relax. We have a great collection of products that would make great gifts for women which will not only bring a smile to her face but also make her forever grateful. Here are our 5 favourites.

December 12, 2017 by Elizabeth Paget

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At we aspire to create an online haven that provides warmth, comfort and relaxation to you and your loved ones. Our products are stylish, safe, simple-to-use and sustainable.

We offer an extensive range of hot water bottles and hot water bottles with covers using both rubber and rubberless designs. Our microwave heat products include: microwave body warmersmicrowave neck warmersmicrowave hot water bottlesheatable slippers and microwave soft toys. Our microwave soft toys are amongst our most popular products and include: Cozy Plush and Hooty Owls.

Besides just keeping you warm, our products are great for helping you relax, relieve stress and sleeping difficulties, and provide heat therapy to ease those aches and pains.

All products have been manufactured in accordance with the relevant safety standards. We offer fast delivery to the entire UK & Europe and a 28 day no hassle returns policy. Gift wrapping is available with all our products.

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