5 Great Summer Uses For Your Hot Water Bottle

May 28, 2018
5 Great Summer Uses For Your Hot Water Bottle
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Did you know that a hot water bottle can be just as useful in the summer months as it is during the colder ones? Here we explore 5 great summer uses for hot water bottles you probably didn’t know about.  So there’s no longer any need to keep your hot water bottles locked away until winter anymore. 


1. Cool down with a hot water bottle

It is normal for people to get a little too hot during the summer months: stuffy commutes, long days spent outside, beach holidays, and hot bedrooms preventing you from getting to sleep. But worry no more, you probably didn’t know but you can easily use your hot water bottle as a cold water bottle too by filling it with freezing cold water instead of hot water. Simply use ice cubes from the ice moulds in your freezer.

The bottle acts in more or less the same way but instead of releasing warm heat it emits refreshing cold. Contrary to hot water which will gradually cool down, the ice cold water will eventually warm up until it is the same temperature as the surrounding room. 

A cold water bottle is great for cooling down your bed before you enter or for just keeping you cool whilst you sit down. It is advisable to wrap your water bottle in a towel if it doesn’t already have a cover to prevent overexposure to the cold and to have a continuous supply of ice cubes by refilling empty moulds. 



2. Stay warm at the campsite with a hot water bottle 

It may be common for people to forget about their hot water bottles’ abilities to keep them warm when the summer arrives but don’t forget it can still get cold especially when camping outdoors at night. So when you next go don’t forget to take your hot water bottle with you. 

Boil water either using a stove or a kettle (depending on the campsite’s facilities) and allow it to cool down to a safe temperature before filling your hot water bottle. Try to avoid using hot tap water as it may contain impurities that may corrode your bottle. 

Hot water bottles can be placed in your sleeping bag ten minutes before you enter.    The additional heat will make it warmer and easier to fall asleep. Don’t forget to take it out before you enter to avoid injuries from a burst bottle. 



3. Outdoor evening socialising with a hot water bottle 

Hot water bottles are great ways of keeping warm in the evenings when you are outdoors in the garden socialising. Perhaps you are having a late bbq or enjoying a few drinks at a friend’s party. 

Whatever takes you outside, don’t forget your hot water bottle as it can make the colder evenings so much more enjoyable, bearable and longer lasting. Carry the hot water bottle close to you or in your lap and where possible complement it with a light bed throw or blanket. 

You can now also find cushion hot water bottles which have fully effective and functioning hot water bottles inside. These  are designed to be used whilst seated in a chair but many people enjoy placing them on their laps too. 



4. Ease sports aches and injuries with a hot water bottle

There’s never a more active time of year when it comes to playing sports and keeping active than the summer. We play more tennis and outdoor ball sports such as cricket than any other time of the year. We also are far more likely to go cycling, jogging and swimming. 

Depending on the nature of the ache or injury it may be better to use heat or cold treatment. 

Cold treatment is best for reducing post-exercise inflammation or pain. This is why you often see athletes going into an ice bath after a race, game or match. Cold treatment is also effective when the injury is recent, red, inflamed or sensitive.

Simply fill your hot water bottle with ice cold water which can be obtained using the ice moulds in your freezer. Apply the water bottle to the affected area or areas for up to 15 minutes covering the bottle with a towel  if there is already no cover. This will prevent injuries to your skin from prolonged exposure. 

For ongoing injuries apply warm heat only before exercising as applying heat after may aggravate the existing pain.

Ice bucket


5. Reduce stress and relax with hot water bottles 

Even though the summer may not usually associated with stress the truth of the matter is that there stress is still prevalent.  People still get stressed about work, their private lives, financial situation as well as other things in their daily lives. 

Hot water bottles can reduce stress because they help promote blood circulation around the body helping you to relax and unwind.

Furthermore, essential oils (such as vanilla, lavender and rosemary), which can be found preinfused in some hot water bottles or added afterwards can help to soothe you as they diffuse through the air. 

There are many ways in which the hot water bottle can be used to relax you. Carry the hot water bottle in your lap, or heat up your bed before you enter. You can even meditate using a hot water bottle. Watch our video for some inspiration on meditating with a hot water bottle. 



Conclusion - Don’t forget your hot water bottle 

Your hot water bottle can be great for getting you through this summer so don’t shut it away. Take it out when you are trying to cool down, keep warm outdoors whilst camping or socialising in your garden, soothe sports aches and injuries, reduce stress and aide relaxation. 

We go to great lengths to ensure that all our hot water bottles are easy-to-use, effective and meet the relevant safety standards. You may also find our essential guide useful if you want to learn more about keeping warm safely.

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