5 ways to look after your kids in cold weather

December 01, 2017
Kids Dressing Warm in Cold Weather
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As the weather plummets in the winter months of the year, it is important to ensure your kids are well looked after.

This does not mean that you cannot let them out to play in the snow, far from it! Instead, it's more about ensuring that preventative measures have been taken to mitigate the risks of cold weather. These risks are particularly pertinent for young children and the elderly.

Here are five ways to look after your kids in cold weather. 

#1 Wear extra layers

As a typical rule of thumb ensure that kids are wearing an extra layer of clothing. For instance, if you require three layers of clothing to keep warm outside, you should ensure that your kids are wearing four.  Thermals can be an effective way of adding extra layers, however ultimately you must use your judgement as to what is adequate. For instance, a thick coat may be counted as two layers on a kid when compared to a light coat on an adult.

Also remember to pay particular attention to often overlooked parts of a kid’s body such as their head, neck, feet and hands.

Keeping Children Warm

#2 Check in on them regularly

Pay attention to how your kids are feeling and pay attention to their appearance and behaviour. Watch out for signs of frostbite which include pale, grey or blistered skin on vulnerable areas of the body such as fingers, ears, nose and ears.

Look out for excessive shivering and ensure that they can speak properly and are not slurring their words. Such actions are possible signs of hypothermia. Other tale-tail signs include memory loss, loss of consciousness, weak pulse and unusual breathing. Call an ambulance as soon as you have any suspicion of hypothermia.

Boy Keeping Warm

#3 Ensure that they have eaten and are well hydrated

Don’t forget to ensure that the kids have been well fed and hydrated before going outside in wintry weather. Food enables the body to keep warm. This is because there are multiple chemical processes during digestion which release heat energy. Take a look at our recent blog post on foods which keep you warm for some inspiration. But be careful not all foods are great for warming you up; watermelon and peppers may actually cool you down.

Warm Soup To Keep Children Warm

#4 Use hot water bottles or microwave body warmers

These can be safe and effective ways of keeping them warm. For example, let them hug a hot water bottle. You can also use a microwave body warmer on the sofa whilst watching TV. Alternatively, place one under the sheets in their bed for at least ten minutes before they enter. Remember to take any product out before they fall asleep.

We have a great range of hot water bottles for kids which include several adorable and awesome cover designs. Don’t forget to check out our range of microwave animal toys too. These can be heated up in the microwave in under 2 minutes.

Puppy Microwave Warmer

#5 Inspect heating systems and insulation

It is important that the heating systems and insulation in your house are adequate. For this is may be useful to hire a professional heating and insulation specialist to inspect the current setup if you have not done so before. Pay particular attention to parts in your home where your kids spend significant amount of time. This includes areas where you don’t spend much time  – e.g. playroom or kids bedrooms.

Heating System Check

Final word

So there we go, five very important things that you can do to keep the kids in your life warm in cold weather. These are great ways to ensure that they can still enjoy the delights of the winter months whilst keeping well.

We go to great lengths to ensure that all our hot water bottles are easy-to-use, effective and meet the relevant safety standards. You may also find our essential guide useful if you want to learn more about keeping warm safely.

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