What’s New In Our Hot Water Bottle Collection for 2020-2021

November 8, 2020
What’s New In Our Hot Water Bottle Collection for 2020-2021
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We are getting to that time of year again. We’ve just put the clocks back and the days are getting shorter by the week. As is becoming a bit of a Autumn tradition, we would like to bring some early festive cheer by sharing some of our new designs for the upcoming season. 

1. 0.2 Litre Luxury Mini Hot Water Bottle with Pastel Green Feather Organic Cotton Cover (rubberless)

Introducing our new range of mini hot water bottles. Compact at just 0.2 litres but capable of packing a lot of punch.  These hot water bottles comes with a elegant pastel green pattern design on its outer organic cotton cover. What’s more – like many of our other Hugo Frosch products – the inner hot water bottle is made from 90% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and does not contain rubber or PVC.

The hot water bottle can easily be removed from the outer cover so that it is easy to fill and wash. This is the perfect gift for someone who would like to keep warm in style over the cold months ahead.

Cotton Hot Water Bottle


2. 0.8 Litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle with Black Lamb Fluffy Cover (rubberless)

Second up, is a hot water bottle with a cute cuddly friend. The fluffy cover will literally want to make you cuddle up on the couch or bed and fall asleep. It also does not contain rubber or PVC and so does not smell like typical rubber hot water bottles. With a 0.8 litre capacity, is practical and will help you keep warm and relaxed for longer. We also have this available in alternative colours.

Great gift for friends or family who can’t get by without some company at home.

Black Sheep Hot Water Bottle

3. 1 Litre Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle with Red Knitted Pom Pom Felt Cover (rubberless)

This new hot water bottle takes the form of a loving heart. Again the inner bottle is rubberless and made from eco-sustainable materials, whilst the outer cover is made from felt and has a nice soft knitted finishing. Great for showing someone that you love them and remind them of you wherever you are in the world!

Heart Pom Pom hot water bottle

4. 1.8 Litre Classic Hot Water Bottle with Polar Bear Great Fleece Cover (rubberless)

Bring a little more festive joy to your house with this grey hot water bottle consisting a design of a cute polar bear on the outer cover. Better still, like many of our other new hot water bottles, the bottle itself is rubberless with great environmental benefits. The outer cover is made from a smooth, cuddly fleece material so you can stay warm and relaxed for hours.

Feel Good Hot Water Bottle with Polar Bear


5. Cozy Plush Marshmallow Koala Microwave Animal

Our final product that we will share today is this cute Koala toy that is great for kids and adults a like. Simply put it in the microwave for a few minutes for hours of safe, warm comfort at home. Even better, this cuddly friend is scented with a gentle lavender scent which is released gradually over time after it has been heated.

Koala Bear Microwave Toy



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