What’s New In Our Hot Water Bottle Collection For 2018-19

September 15, 2018
What’s New In Our Hot Water Bottle Collection For 2018-19
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It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and colder. We won’t be waiting long until we have to push the clocks back. As with previous years this is a great time to cheer you up a bit by showing you some of our new hot water bottles for the upcoming season.

1. 0.8 litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle with Blue Fox Cover (rubberless)

First up is our 0.8 litre hot water bottle with an iconic fox cover. The cute fox cover is blue with a white tummy, inner ears and lower face. It has black legs, eyes and nose. What’s more – like many of our other Hugo Frosch products – the inner hot water bottle is made from 90% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and does not contain rubber or PVC.

The hot water bottle can easily be removed from the fox cover so that it is easy to fill. This is the perfect gift for children and adults alike and is great for soothing, relaxing and keeping you warm over the cold winter months.

2. 1.8 litre "Eco-Sustainable" Hot Water Bottle with Cream Organic Cotton Cover (rubberless)

Second up, is a hot water bottle with an impressive organic cotton cover. This gives a really smooth, and soft finish which literally makes you want to cuddle up and fall asleep. It also does not contain rubber or PVC and so does not smell like typical rubber hot water bottles. With a 1.8 litre capacity, this hot water bottle will keep you warmer for longer. We have this available with both cream and anthracite covers.

So next time to you are feeling a little under the weather, want to spend some time on the sofa relaxing, or are short of quality gift ideas for a friend or loved one, look no further!

Cream Cotton Cover Hot Water Bottle

3. 1.8 Litre Classic Wicker Hot Water Bottle (rubberless)

We usually would not show a coverless hot water bottle here but with this one we shall make an exception. This classic hot water bottle has an elegant wicker style pattern which looks like it has been woven. The bottle takes its inspiration from the wicker technique which has been in existence for thousands of years including the Egyptian era and is currently particularly popular in contemporary outdoor furniture.


Lime Wicker Hot Water Bottle


4. 2 Litre Long Sanger Hot Water Bottles with Cotton Covers

Finally, our longest hot water bottles to date are here. They may even be long enough to cover the length of your sofa (depending on how long your sofa is). These long hot water bottles are great for wrapping around your body, soothing harder to reach parts of your body such as your back and spreading warmth throughout confined spaces such as the area under your blanket. Pick your favourite from our range today.

Long Hot Water Bottles



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